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Hilde Bucknell


Having grown up in Germany, I came to this country as a young adult in order to improve my English language skills with a view to enhancing my job prospects back at home. However, very soon after arriving in London, I met my husband and returning to Germany was no longer on the agenda.  I worked as a bi-lingual secretary in London until our first child arrived, but from then on my life was devoted to bringing up the family and playing an increasingly active role in my church and the local community.  That continued after we moved to Somerset in the late 80s.  Once the children were grown up, for around 10 years I enjoyed teaching German in Adult Education and companies such as Numatic and GKN.  And then, in the late 90s I felt compelled to become a Reader.

I have been a Christian all my life.  After growing up a Lutheran I became an Anglican when we started our family.  I felt I needed to live out my faith by belonging to the local church.  Throughout my life, God has provided me with opportunities to explore and deepen my faith.  Through reading, dialogue with other Christians and contemplative prayer, this process is continuing.

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