Dorothy Tozer

Church Warden St Bartholomews

I have been asked to do a brief life history, so here goes –

Born in Kent in 1939, therefore a woman of Kent, however, I won’t go back there as I consider myself a woman of Somerset.

Educated at Coloma convent kindergarten, primary and grammar school, because the war was on and the Croydon schools were evacuated.

Started work for Marks and Spencer in 1956, but married the next year aged 18. My son was born when I was 19. I was widowed at 25, and went back to M & S first as a Management Trainee then into Commercial management. I did this for 15 years first in Croydon then Brighton.

I married my husband David in 1967 and we moved to Glasgow. After six months I was walking to the bus stop, when a 32 ton truck mounted the pavement and ran me down, breaking both my femurs and stopping on the right one. They had a job to extricate me as my legs were where the jacking point was, the firemen lifted the lorry on their backs and the ambulance men pulled me out by my coat. I was in hospital for 5 months and when discharged fitted with a rigid calliper. I walked with this for 2 years and was off work for three and a half years. I re-joined M & S. However David with an eye to the way the Clyde was going decided to come back south, we were in Scotland for 10 years.

We moved to Fareham where I was able to transfer once more to M & S, after 8 years David took a job in London and I transferred to Bromley, by this time I had trained and become a Personnel Manager, eventually looking after Bromley Beckenham and Eltham Stores as a group with over 1000 staff. I retired in 1995 completing 35 years of service.

When David retired in 1997 we moved here to Crewkerne, David stood for council completing 12 years, also together we looked after Crewkerne Welfare Transport for 10 years, unfortunately, David died after a very long illness in 2010.

By this time not only was I a churchwarden but I had become interested in politics, firstly as Chairman of the Yeovil Constituency for 6 years and then as the Chairman of the 9 constituencies of Somerset, which I did for 4 years, I have now been asked to take on a role in the Region.

However my first love is St Bartholomew’s and so after 16 years I am still your churchwarden


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