What does Easter mean to you?

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What does Easter mean to you?

It was interesting hearing this question posed and answered at the First School Easter services this year.  A couple of classes used this question as springboard for Easter poems.  Obviously chocolate and eggs featured highly, but so did the cross and Jesus’ death.  This made me think of my Easters growing up, and then later in life, after being married, and before and after becoming a vicar.

In some ways Christmas seems to be easier to celebrate, and the story is simpler – yes there are various characters who make an appearance at the Nativity, but at the core it is all about Jesus’ birth.

Easter seems a bit more complicated, there is Palm Sunday and the donkey, the Passover meal and last supper (whatever that means…?), Good Friday (why is it called good when Jesus died..?) and then Easter Day itself and the Resurrection (how is this different to the other people raised from the dead..?)  Where do the eggs come in? Who and where does the Easter bunny come from? What about the lambs?

Easter used to be a much bigger celebration than Christmas, and so it should be, for Easter has so much more… There is more to the story, so that it requires us to think more deeply.  There is God’s promise of more in life, more expectation, more of his presence, more of his love.

Good Friday only makes sense when we remember Easter Sunday and the power of Easter Sunday only makes sense in light of Pentecost

After his resurrection Jesus says to Mary ‘do not hold on to me, but go and tell the others…’

Easter reminds us that God cares for each and every one of us, and each and every aspect of our lives.  His promise is far beyond our imagining, and his plans beyond our wildest dreams.

Wishing you a very happy Easter


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