victory palm sunday

Victory! Are you thinking too small?

‘Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest.’


The crowd were chanting these words and waving palm branches to celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  They were hoping he would be the long expected king that would rid them from the oppression of Roman rule and usher in a new Jewish kingdom and deliverance from their enemies.

The problem was the people were thinking too small, and too parochially ;
Jesus did not come to set free the Jewish nation only, but to set free the whole world.  He came not to bring down the Roman rule but the rule of Satan.  He came to give them eternal, everlasting and life transforming hope.

The Bible tells us that less than one week later the crowd turned on Jesus.  The cries of praise, turned into cries of ’Crucify’, then to cries of grief from Mary, but unexpectedly a cry of victory from Jesus as he finally ’gave up His Spirit’ on the cross.

Often, when we are disappointed in life and with God, it is not that God has failed us, but that we have failed to see God and what he is doing.  We have looked for too limited an answer and missed the glorious truth of God’s total and overwhelming love for us all.

Jesus did not end his life in defeat but in victory.  Death was defeated on the cross, the sins of the world covered, and healing for the nations and the universe completed.  Our palm branches are shaped into the cross, because we can stand and sing, and cheer and cry out the victory of our King upon the cross.

This is something worth celebrating indeed!


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