thy kingdom come

Thy Kingdom Come – Ascension

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ are powerful words.

‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’…

What we are saying is that we trust God both for the now and for the future.
We trust him for what we know and for what is a mystery
for what we see around us and for the eternal heaven.

The timing of the Archbishop’s global prayer initiative is no coincidence, because on Ascension Day, as Jesus ascended into heaven and the disciples were still looking up to the sky, two angels stood among them and asked why they were still looking up and not getting on with the task given to them by Jesus.  Too often perhaps we are looking up to heaven and forgetting our part to pray and to act here on earth.

This initiative ends on Pentecost, when we remember how the first disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit.  We too can be filled with the Holy Spirit to receive the power to act.  We don’t act in our own strength and do what we want to do, but we have the strength from Jesus to do what he called us to do:

To be witnesses to his Love and to bring others into the everlasting kingdom, both now and in heaven.

So we can with confidence pray for our brothers and sisters around the world, we can pray for people to know Christ to receive healing and peace and hand this all to God for

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done…

With every blessing, Rev Stuart Huntley, Rector


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