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A Reinvigorating, Renewing God – Easter Day

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Easter is about Remembering.

As we gather to celebrate Easter together, we remember what Jesus did in that first Holy Week.  We remember his entry into Jerusalem – proclaiming the beginning of a new kingdom.  We remember his last supper with his disciples – his institution of our Holy Communion and his humility in washing the disciples’ feet.  We remember his death on the cross – and how he died to set us free.

As we remember these events in Jesus’ life we also remember that Easter is about resurrection, his rising again in glory -how heaven breaks into Earth and how there is new life for us all.
This is sometimes expected, and sometimes unexpected.

So, Easter is about Resurrection

The first disciples did not expect Jesus to be raised from the dead, their understanding of what Jesus was teaching had to be renewed and revised.  God had bigger and more powerful plans than they had expected.

God wants to renew us, restore us, resurrect and revive us.

So, Easter is about Revival

Our celebration this Easter should be more than just a remembering of former things, but a celebration of the things that God is going to do in us, in our church, in our community and in our lives.

As we worship today, let us celebrate the God who loves us so much he wants to see us do new things together, remembering the past and looking forward to the future.

We worship a Reinvigorating, Renewing God!

Wishing you a very Happy Easter


With every blessing, Rev. Stuart Huntley, Rector


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