palm sunday

Proclamation – Palm Sunday

Hosanna, Hosanna’ the people cried out as they waved their palm branches when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

A few days later many of the same crowd were crying out ‘Crucify. Crucify’.


Words matter.  The things we say matter, and the things we don’t say matter just as much.

With those words of ‘crucify’, the people condemned Jesus to death.  Where were the words to set him free?


What are we saying to those around us, our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues?  Are we saying things that might set them free, or are we by our silence condemning them too?


We all come to faith because someone gives us a word of life, someone points us to the right way.  We have the joys of faith and eternal life because someone made the effort to encourage us and told us about the love and the life we have in Jesus Christ.

When we see a good film, or have been to a great concert we like to tell others about it – we like to share good news.  We don’t have to be reluctant to share the Good News of Jesus.


A few weeks after Jesus’ resurrection, on the day of Pentecost, Peter addressed another large crowd.  Because of the power of the Holy Spirit within him, Peter was bold enough to speak and over 3000 people listened and believed.  They were saved that day.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to save just one person because of the words we say this Easter?

With every blessing, Rev Stuart Huntley, Rector


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