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Our service themes during Lent will follow the Lent Course ‘Fullness of Life’.
This week’s topic is ‘Presence’.

In our Lent course session we are looking at the story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector who climbs a tree to look over the crowds.  Jesus calls him by name and invites himself into his home.  Zacchaeus’ life is transformed ain the presence of Jesus and turns away from his wrongdoing and embraced a new course for his future.

Our readings today show how through sinfulness, humanity was expelled from the garden of Eden and close proximity with God, but how through Jesus we are restored and can once again walk with God and

‘receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness’ Romans 5:17

Jesus not only bought our salvation but shows us how to live.  Sent into the wilderness and tempted by the devil, he showed that by aligning ourselves to the Bible and trusting in God we can overcome all the difficulties of this world and be ready to walk in faith.

Our growth in faith must start with the presence of God, in Jesus Christ, it is only when we have met with him that our hearts and minds can be fully transformed.  His Spirit guides us through the times of wilderness and the times of joy.

With every blessing

Rev Stuart Huntley, Rector.


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