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I wonder when it was that you last read the 10 commandments?


Most people remember the ‘Do not’ statements, but the first commandment, and in many ways the most important one, is a positive statement.  God says ‘I am the one who has brought you out of the land of Egypt – out of slavery’.  In effect God is saying ‘look it was me who rescued you—make no mistake about it’.  Because it is when we look to other things in the place of God, that we find them wanting.  God wants us to know the full extent of his love.


This is why God sent Jesus, so we could know his love fully and not put our trust on the weak things of the world.  Jesus summarised the commandments this way: ’Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength (i.e. everything) and love your neighbour as yourself (i.e share this love with others).


To understand God’s love we have to begin to understand the cross and why and how Jesus died there for us – how in doing so he saved and rescued us completely.


To paraphrase the famous Christian Evangelist J John, if you call yourself a Christian then know that it is Jesus who saves you, for if you take Christ out of Christian you are left with Ian—and he can’t save you.!


I am the Lord your God—accept no substitutes!

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