Hand Bells

St Bart’s Hand Bells are a committed group who ring on various occasions across the year and meet for practice on Friday evenings.

St. Bart's Handbell Ringers 27th June 2018 (JH1_9994)This year the team was  blessed by an exceptional gift of a new set of hand bells.  bells of whitechapel logoThis gift consists of four beautiful lined boxes of hand-bells which make up a full 3 octave set, all perfectly tuned to make a wonderful harmony when played together.

Professionally crafted by the renowned Bells of Whitechapel.  “Whitechapel handbells have been craftsmen made for over two hundred years, they continue to be made in south London to exacting standards with each bell hand tuned and matched to make a fine musical instrument. 

 One of the bells has been inscribed in memory of Pru Nedham who among her many talents was one of the St Bart’s Hand Bell ringers and did much to ensure the continued development of the group.  Pru sadly passed away in 2017

We would like to express our huge gratitude of thanks to the couple who generously provided this gift.
They will be treasured.


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